History of New Life Bible Chapel

New Life Bible Chapel, a church consisting mainly of people from India, was born out of the vision and need to minister across generations (particularly the third generation), and to attract people from various cultures within the community. To nurture this vision the language of worship and ministry is English.  

The original group of believers started meeting and breaking bread in May 2005. There were 10 founding families and one individual. They were the families of Br. Abraham John, Br. Sajan Mathews, Br. Elias Thomas, Br. Benjamin Chacko, Br. Adai Varghese, Br. Shaji Matthews, Br. Roy Mathews, Br. Santosh Thomas, Br. Jisho Varghese, Br. Joseph George, and Sist. Rachel Paul. The first five named above served as Trustees and the next four served as Directors. Br. Abraham John and Br. Sajan Mathews served as Elders. A Charter of Incorporation and Membership Covenant was signed by the head of each family on October 30, 2005.

Historical Milestones