Mission Trips to India
We had the privilege of taking two groups on Mission to India, the first trip was in December 2007 (21 days) and the second was in December 2010 (17 days). The motivation for mission comes from the greatest missionary, our great God. He sent His Son, who left the privilege and comfort of His home in heaven. He lived among us, showed us the way to God, and ultimately gave His life for us so that He might save us from sin and death/hell to live with Him forever. The purpose of these mission trips was two-fold: Life Transformation and Multiplication. It is God who brings about Life Transformation. It can happen on a mission trip by God giving participants: a vision for ministry outside of USA, an awareness of the huge need and ministry opportunities in India, a burden to pray for India, and opportunities to minister in various contexts. Multiplication is also the work of God. This happens when the team ministers in different places and the Lord saves people, and when the team leaders “walk the talk” so that the Lord can use their example to disciple members on the team.

On these mission trips, the Lord provided many opportunities for ministry and learning. We ministered in a leper colony in Agra; in orphanages in Chennai, Bangalore, Trichur, and Kottayam; in Bible colleges in Alwar, Delhi, Kottayam, and Hyderabad; in a school in rural Karnataka; in village churches in Agra, Kattappana, and rural Bangalore and Hyderabad; in city churches in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Coimbatore; in Mission hospital and Nurses training college in Tiruvalla; in open air ministry in Kottayam, and in the High Range of Kerala by distributing Bibles. We also visited mission centers like Stewards Bible College in Chennai, Prison Ministry in Kottayam, Gospel for Asia in Tiruvalla, All-India Prayer Fellowship in Delhi, to name a few.

The Lord provided the team with plenty of sight-seeing opportunities and fun times. We visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, the Akshardam Temple in Delhi, and the St. Thomas Mount in Chennai. Fun times include a boat ride in the backwaters of Kottayam, visit to a reptile zoo in Mahabalipuram, Chennai, and so on. On our return journey to USA, we could stop over in Bahrain on the first trip and in Dubai on the second trip. There we got opportunities to minister in local churches and to get a first-hand look at Arab culture and people.

In the final analysis, the question before us is, did we achieve the intended purpose? By the grace of God, yes we did, in many ways.

In terms of life transformation, here is the testimony of a participant,

Brian, who came on both mission trips:

When I first heard about the trip in 2007, I was hesitant. I did not have the money and I did not want to be away from my family during Christmas. A friend helped cover some of the cost and talked me into going. I was so glad I went . . . Before the trip to India I had a deep urgency to take the Gospel to the lost. After the mission trip I am obsessed with taking the Gospel to the lost.

In terms of multiplication, only God and eternity can tell the impact in lives of the people to whom we ministered and in the lives of the team members. Yes, by the grace of God, many accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, many rededicated their lives, and churches were blessed by the ministry and testimonies of the team. One elder in one of the city churches we ministered said, “We did not know what to expect. We have seldom been so blessed in so limited a time. Thank you all for coming. Your testimonies have been such a blessing.” Team members continue to regularly support missionaries in India and to pray for India and the Lord work in India.

Yes, the Great Commission continues to call and challenge us. Let us rise to the call and challenge as often as we can emulating our great God.

Sajan and Grace Mathews