Abin Varghese

What is an effective corporate worship leader? This has been a question that Abin states he has asked various times as being a Praise and Worship Leader at New Life Bible Chapel. Before coming to NLBC, musical instruments were foreign to him. He became a member of this church approximately twelve years ago. He recalls coming to church and being led by a praise and worship team that included some very talented individuals who wanted to use their talents to glorify God. Being led by these individuals week after week initiated a desire to learn musical instruments...Read more about Abin

Mrs. Karkada - Oct 18th, 1928 - Sep 7th, 2011

Mrs. Theodosia Salome Karkada was born in Mangalore, India. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elijah and Lilly Bangera. She was married to Late Mr. John Theodore Karkada who was an officer in the Indian Army. Mrs. Karkada was a teacher by profession in Mangalore for 33 years. They were happily married for 49 years. God blessed her with four children, eight grand children, and five great-grand children. As a teacher, she enjoyed reading as a hobby. Her favorite leisure reading included the Bible and the magazines 'Jeeva Jala'...Read more about Amma

The Leadership

New Life Bible Chapel is led by two elders, Br. Shaji Matthews and Dr. Sajan Mathews. These elders are responsible for shepherding the people of God and ensuring their spiritual well being primarily through prayer and teaching from the Word of God. Along with the elders, NLBC has a board that assists in administrative matters. The board is made of spiritually gifted men who serve voluntarily...Read More on Leadership